Tutorial for Scheduling Group Appointments

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Congratulations! Your group appointment request for the US Embassy has been approved.

This information will help you schedule your group appointments online. It is important to carefully read all the instructions to avoid problems and delays.


  1. Before submitting a group appointment request, the group coordinator must ensure each group member has completed and submitted his/her application form (DS-160), has created an individual account in the system, and has paid the visa application fee.
  2. Do not add group members to your group coordinator account before you receive the approval notification email. Adding members before receiving the approval notification email will cause you to repeat the registration process. Group members with existing accounts must ensure their account does not have a primary or dependents attached to the account.
  3. NOTE: Your group has a limited time to schedule an appointment. If your appointment request expires, you must repeat the registration process.
  4. For more information or assistance, please visit: http://www.ustraveldocs.com

How to Apply

Step 1

As group coordinator, enter your profile at http://www.ustraveldocs.com. You should have on hand the following information for each group member:

  1. Applicant’s passport
  2. Receipt number corresponding to the visa application fee, payment date, and visa fee amount.
  3. The 10-digit DS-160 confirmation number.