Document Delivery Options

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Document Delivery Options

Applicants who are issued a U.S. visa may receive their passport based on the method selected while registering.  Once the passport is ready for pickup an email or text message will be sent to the applicant with the passport number, airway bill tracking number, and the pick-up location.  Failure to provide accurate contact information (phone numbers, address, and email) will result in the delay or even inability to delivery your passport to the selected location.  Applicants have the following options to receive documents from the U.S. Embassy:

Option 1 – Free Pick Up: You may dropoff or pickup your documents free of charge at the following location:

Location Address
Riyadh Sulymaneyeh office Old Sulaymania, 2722 Abu Bakr Alrazi.
Jeddah Main Office Madinah Road, Between Quresh and Hera'a Streets, Next to Mazda show room, Al Bawadi District

Aramex Building,next to Al Suhaimi Tower, King Abdulaziz Road ( Mina Port Road ),Khaldiah Area, Dammam

Option 2 - Paid Dropoff/Pickup: You may select one of the following options to dropoff or pickup your documents.  The amount listed is to be paid by the applicant at the time of dropoff/pickup:

Location Address Price
ARAMEX Tamkeen Tower Riyadh, Olaya Road after Saudi German Hospital, Yasmeen Area, Tamkeen Tower, Riyadh 13325 60 SR

Applicants should bring the following to facilitate the pickup of their passport:

  • Original government-issued photo ID
  • Copy of the email or text message

For applicants who would like to send someone to pickup the passport on their behalf please follow the directions on our website:

Option 3 – Home Delivery: Applicants who are issued a U.S. visa may have their passport delivered to their home for a charge of SAR 80 to be paid at the time of delivery. Please note: 

  • If the address and phone number provided by the applicant are not correct the passport will not be delivered.
  • Someone must be present upon the arrival of the courier accept delivery of your passport.
  • Home delivery services are not available in the following locations:
Location Province
Abu Arish JED
Addayer JED
Adham JED
Afif RUH
Aflaj RUH
Ahad Al Masariha JED
Ahad Rufaidah JED
Al Badi JED
Al Birk JED
Al Sir JED
Aqiq JED
Ardah JED
Artawiyah RUH
Asyah RUH
Atawilah JED
Badayea RUH
Badr JED
Bahr Abu Sukaynah JED
Baljurashi JED
Baqaa RUH
Bariq JED
Bashayer JED
Besh JED
Bijadyah RUH
Bukayriyah RUH
Damad JED
Darb JED
Dariyah RUH
Dhabyah JED
Dhahran Janoub JED
Dilam RUH
Duba JED
Edabi JED
Farasan JED
Gizan JED
Hafer Al Batin RUH
Hait RUH
Hajrah JED
Hali JED
Haql JED
Harajah JED
Hariq RUH
Harub JED
Hautat Sudair RUH
Henakiya JED
Howtat Bani Tamim RUH
Hubuna JED
Jalajil RUH
Khaybar JED
Khurma JED
Laith JED
Madinah JED
Madinah JED
Madinah JED
Mahd Al Thahab JED
Majarda JED
Makhwah JED
Makhwah JED
Mandaq JED
Marat RUH
Mithneb RUH
Muzaylif JED
Najran JED
Namas JED
Namerah JED
New Muwayh JED
Qana JED
Qilwa JED
Qouz JED
Rafhaa RUH
Ranyah JED
Rass RUH
Rass RUH
Rejal Almaa JED
Riyadh Alkhabra RUH
Rvaya Aljamsh RUH
Sabya JED
Sajir RUH
Samtah JED
Sarat Abidah JED
Shagraa RUH
Shamli RUH
Sharora JED
Shinan RUH
Sulayyil RUH
Tabarjal RUH
Tabuk JED
Tabuk JED
Taif JED
Tanomah JED
Tathleeth JED
Tayma JED
Tereeb JED
Thybiyah RUH
Tumair RUH
Turaif RUH
Turbah JED
Tuwaim RUH
Uglat Asugour RUH
Umluj JED
Uwayqilah RUH
Uyun Al Jawa RUH
Wadi Bin Hashbal JED
Wajeh JED
Yanbu Al Nakhal JED
Yutamah JED
Zulfi RUH


If you have already scheduled an appointment online, but wish to modify document pick-up location, you can do so by clicking the Change Address button below. You may change your document pick-up location at any time before 11:59 p.m. on the day of your interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.