Bank Copy

Date: Amount:
Expiration Date: Receipt Number:

IMPORTANT: The visa fee is dependent on the visa class for which you intend to apply. Verify the visa class before printing this visa fee deposit slip.

  • Visa fees are non-refundable and must be paid in local currency.
  • Visa fees are non-transferable and cannot be assigned to another applicant.

  1. This visa fee deposit slip must be used to make payment at the bank on or before the expiration date noted above.
  2. A separate visa fee deposit slip is required for each applicant (i.e. one applicant, one receipt). No bulk or group payments are allowed from this visa fee deposit slip.
  3. At the time of payment, proceed to the bank’s BPI Express Assistant (BEA) machine and key-in the type of transaction to be made. Choose the visa class you are applying for and type the receipt number found at the upper right hand corner of this visa fee deposit slip. The machine will then print a number slip. When the number flashes on the screen, proceed to the bank teller at the counter.*
  4. Provide the bank copy of this receipt to the bank teller.
  5. Pay the exact amount mentioned in this visa fee deposit slip.

Note: * Not all BPI branches have BEA machines. In the event, please proceed to Instruction #4

Customer Copy

Date: Amount:
Expiration Date: Receipt Number:


  1. Please keep this copy for your records; do not lose it as banks will not issue a copy. You will need this Customer Copy to schedule your appointment for a visa interview.
  2. After payment, wait for four hours before scheduling an appointment. For payments made after 3:00 p.m., wait for the next banking day (around 1:00 p.m.) before scheduling an appointment.
  3. The visa fee is valid only for one year. Book your appointments as early as possible.