Passport/Visa Collection Locations

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Once your visa is approved, CargoTrans will hold your passport at a CargoTrans passport/visa collection office for you to retrieve. There are no extra fees associated with either aspect of this service - the cost for CargoTrans to hold your passport is included in the visa application fee.


To view CargoTrans passport/visa collection locations, click here.

Collecting Your Documents

CargoTrans provides facilities where your passport is held for pick-up. You will see a list of CargoTrans passport/visa collection locations when you schedule your interview and can choose the most convenient location from that list.

Supporting Documents

To collect your passport you must present your original government-issued photo identification along with a photocopy. We recommend you also bring a printed copy of your appointment letter.

If a representative is collecting your passport from the document collection office on your behalf - even in case of family members - the representative must present:

  • Their own original government-issued photo ID for identification
  • A photocopy of your government-issued photo ID
  • A letter of authority, signed by you, authorizing your representative to collect your passport. The letter of authority must contain the following information:
    • Your representative's full name as shown on their government-issued photo ID
    • Your name, number of your government-issued ID, and signature

If the applicant is under the age of 16, the following documents are required:

  • An original, signed letter of authority from either of the applicant's parents
  • A clear photocopy of the government-issued photo ID belonging to the parent who signed the applicant's letter of authority
  • A photocopy of the birthday certificate of the minor
  • The representative's original government-issued photo ID
    Note: In case of a group/family, a single letter of authority with the required information for each of the applicants will be accepted.

Change Delivery Options

You may change your preferred document delivery address online or through the U.S. Visa Service Desk until 11:59 p.m. the day of your interview appointment. There is no cost to change your delivery preferences.

Track Your Passport

Click here to track your passport's delivery status.