AmBank Cash Deposit Instructions

Exact Deposit Amount in Malaysian Ringgit:
Expiration Date: N/A
Receipt Number:
Phone Number:
Instructions for AmBank Branches:
  • Please confirm that the above expiration date has not passed. In case the deposit slip has expired, please DO NOT accept the payment and refer the applicant to the website to create a new deposit slip.
Cash Deposit Instructions for Visa Applicants:

Cash Deposit Instructions for Visa Applicants:
  • To pay your nonimmigrant visa (NIV) application fee in cash at any AmBank branches, this deposit slip must be used before the expiration date, as noted above.
  • Print one copy of this deposit slip and submit it along with your visa fee payment, DO NOT print multiple copies of the same deposit slip. You must have a unique deposit slip for each transaction.
  • If you are applying for multiple visas for your family or group, DO NOT make a lump sum payment for all the applicants. A receipt number which is printed on the Deposit Slip is required for each visa application fee payment and for EACH applicant to schedule their appointment. (Example: If you are paying for TWO Visa Fees, print out TWO Deposit Slips which have a different Receipt Number. Every Payment need to have a UNIQUE receipt number).
  • Your visa fee payment receipt is non-transferable and therefore cannot be used by anyone else.
  • After receiving your payment, the cashier will give you a receipt. Save your receipt as proof of payment.
  • It is critical that you keep the Receipt Number that you use to make your payment. You must have this number as proof of payment in order to schedule your visa interview appointment. It is the applicant's responsibility to save this number.
  • The payment shall be valid for 12 months from the date of payment.