Passport Delivery


All immigrant visa applicants must arrange for Aramex to deliver their newly-issued visa. This courier service is provided for no additional fee. You must choose the location where you wish to have your visa delivered prior to scheduling your interview. You can choose your delivery location here. Either you or your representative must have your Immigrant Case Number (as shown in the Embassy notification letter) available if calling the call center to register your visa delivery preference.

Select Document Delivery Address

You must select a delivery address for your passport's return prior to scheduling your visa interview appointment. When you select your document delivery address, be sure to have the Immigrant Case Number shown in the Embassy notification letter. If your visa application is approved, Aramex will return your passport and visa to you at the address or pick-up location you selected when you scheduled your interview. Your passport will be delivered only to the address you specified when you scheduled your visa interview. There are no extra fees associated with this service.

Other Information

To register your document delivery return address online, click here.
To change your current document delivery address selection, click here.
To register or change your document delivery return address through our call center, click here.