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In most cases, each visa applicant, including children, is required to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable Machine Readable Visa (MRV) application fee, whether a visa is issued or not. The visa application fee is determined by the type of visa for which you wish to apply.

Remember, the MRV fee is non-refundable. Please confirm whether or not you need to apply for a visa. You may not need to apply for a new U.S. visa if you already hold a valid U.S. visa or are a national of a Visa Waiver Program participating country.

Certain individuals may not need a visa, or may be exempt from the fee, for example:

  • If you are applying for an A or G visa for official travel, you do not need to pay the MRV fee
  • If you are applying for a J visa to participate in a U.S. Government-sponsored program, you do not need to pay the MRV fee
  • If you are a citizen of Canada or Bermuda (but not applying for an A, E, G, K or V visa category), you may not need a visa

If you do need to pay the fee, please follow the instructions below for paying your visa application fee. For more information about fee exemptions, please visit this page.

Remember: Visa application fees (MRV fees) are nonrefundable.

Fee Payment Options

    You can pay your nonimmigrant visa application fee in cash at any Khan Bank branch in Mongolia. Before going to the bank, you must print and carry the applicable U. S. visa fee collection slip available on this web page, please be advised all fields such as PASSPORT NO, SURNAME, GIVEN NAME and AMOUNT (In words) on the Payment Instruction Slip needs to be entered in CAPITAL LETTERS only (Block Letters), Please see completed Sample Visa Fee Slip displayed on page below for reference before completing your payment slip. Take the completed fee collection slip to the bank when you pay your fee. After receiving your payment, the bank will give you a receipt. From the list below, please select the payment slip that matches your visa application fee. Values are shown in U.S. dollars This page has more information about the different visa application fees.

    Scheduling Your Interview

    Whether you schedule your appointment online or contact our call center, you will need the receipt number printed on your receipt. You can find the receipt number in the area shown in the red circle below.

    Fee Payment Receipt

      Cash at Bank

      You can schedule your interview after 10 PM local Mongolia time on the same day you have made this payment.