Document Delivery Options

 Please note that your failure to provide accurate contact information (phone numbers, address, and email) will result in the delay or even inability to delivery your passport to the selected location. It is essential that you provide your correct contact information.

Pick Up Option: Applicants who are issued a U.S. visa may pick up their passport at the ARAMEX location selected while registering for an appointment. Once the passport is ready for pickup an email or text message will be sent to the applicant with the passport number, airway bill tracking number, and the pick up location selected while registering. Your passport will be delivered only to the address you specified when you scheduled your visa interview. There are no extra fees associated with this service. Applicants should bring the following to facilitate the pickup of their passport:

  • Original government-issued photo ID
  • Copy of the email or text message

For applicants who would like to send someone to pickup the passport on their behalf please follow the directions on our website:

 Premium (Home) Delivery Option: Applicants who are issued a U.S. visa may have their passport delivered to their home for an additional fee as a premium service. Please note:

  • If the address and phone number provided by the applicant are not correct the passport will not be delivered.
  • Someone must be present upon the arrival of the courier to deliver your passport
  • The fee for home delivery is 10JD and is payable upon delivery.

 You may only select one of these cities when entering your address:

·         Ajloon

·         Al Hashmyeh

·         Al Jafer

·         Al Omari Borders

·         Al Qaser

·         Al Qastal

·         Al Rosaifa

·         Al Sukhneh

·         Amman

·         Aqaba

·         Azraq

·         Bereian

·         Der Allah

·         Dulail

·         Free Zone

·         Fuhais

·         Ghour

·         Ghour Al Safi

·         Ghweria

·         Irbid

·         Jerash

·         Karak

·         Khaldieh

·         Ma'An

·         Madaba

·         Maean

·         Mafraq

·         Mahes

·         Moatah

·         Moghayam Hetein

·         Mwaqar

·         Naour

·         Petra

·         Qwaireh

·         Ramtha

·         Rashadyeh

·         Rwaished

·         Salt

·         Shoubak

·         Shouneh

·         Tafileh

·         Theban

·         Wadi Mousa

·         Yajoz

·         Zarqa

·         Zarqa' Al Jadedeh

 Changing a document delivery location: If you have already scheduled an appointment online, but wish to modify your document delivery address, you can do so by clicking the Change Address button below. You may change your document pick-up location at any time before 11:59 p.m. on the day of your interview at the U.S. Embassy.