Passport/Visa Collection Locations

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Once your visa is approved, Cargo Expreso will deliver your passport to a Cargo Expreso passport/visa collection office for you to retrieve. 

PREMIUM Services: delivery and pick up of documents

All documents sent or received in most branches of Cargo Expreso will have a cost of $11.65 (Q91.00).

If you want to receive your documents free of charge, you must access your profile through and update your pick up location to "Agencia Rus Mall" (Calzada Roosevelt 12-76 Zona 7 CC Rus Mall local C1-15), which is marked as "free of charge".  

Please have in mind the following important points when selecting your document delivery location:

  • If you process a shipment to the Embassy, ​​through a Premium branch, either by Dropbox (, 221g ( or Priority "Cargo Expreso" ( these will have a shipping cost of $11.65 (Q91.00).

  • If you wish to send documents free of charge, you must do so at the branch designated as "free of charge", which is "Agencia Rus Mall" (Calzada Roosevelt 12-76 Zona 7 CC Rus Mall local C1-15).

  • Each operation of sending or receiving documents will have the previously indicated cost of $11.65 (Q91.00). The amount will be paid at the Premium branches for each procedure you carry out

  • For the "Premium Delivery" or home delivery service, which has a cost of $15.01 (Q117.00), it is mandatory that you enter all your shipping information in the provider's portal that is presented at the moment of scheduling your appointment.

  • Please note that if you select the “free of charge” location you will likely experience long waiting times for both delivering and picking up documents due to long lines.

  • If you wish to make a change of delivery location, we clarify that this can be done BEFORE your visa is issued.


To view Cargo Expreso drop-off locations, click here.

Supporting Documents for picking up your documents at a Cargo Expreso office or for Home Delivery option

To collect your passport you must present your original and a photocopy of your government-issued photo ID. For the Non-Immigrant Visa applicants please present the slip that was provided at the embassy or Cargo Expreso office. 

If a representative is collecting your passport from the document collection office on your behalf - even in case of family members - the representative must present:

  • Their own original government-issued photo ID for identification
  • A photocopy of your government-issued photo ID
  • A letter of authority, signed by you, authorizing your representative to collect your passport. The letter of authority must contain the following information:
    • Your representative's full name as shown on their government-issued photo ID
    • Your name, number of your government-issued ID, and signature

If the applicant is under the age of 16, the following documents are required:

  • An original, signed letter of authority from either of the applicant's parents
  • A clear photocopy of the government-issued photo ID belonging to the parent who signed the applicant's letter of authority
  • A photocopy of the birthday certificate of the minor
  • The representative's original government-issued photo ID
    Note: In case of a group/family, a single letter of authority with the required information for each of the applicants will be accepted.

Change Delivery Options

You may change your preferred document delivery address online or through the call center until 11:59 p.m. the day of your interview appointment. 

Track Your Passport

Click here to track your passport's delivery status.