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For Immigrant Visa collection and pending 221 (g) document submissions YOU MUST CREATE A PROFILE through our website If your appointment was scheduled by NVC, when you reach the “My Dashboard” page, click on “New Application/Schedule Appointment” and then register a document pick-up location by selecting “Registration of passport's delivery address (only for immigrant visa applicant)” to complete the IV address registration.  Please make sure that you fill out all the required fields in the pages that follow. Applicants, who have registered previously, either for a non-immigrant visa application or a prior immigrant visa application, should ensure that their contact information, passport number, and document pick-up location are up-to-date. In addition, visa type should be listed as “Immigrant Visa". Failure to register or to update your contact information and document pick-up location prior to your visa interview will result in serious delays processing and delivering your paperwork and/or visa. If you encounter problems during the registration process, please email to: You will be informed by email when your passport and visa packet are ready for pick-up.

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