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If your visa application is approved, your passport and visa will be returned to the Aramex location you previously selected.

You must collect your passport within 15 days. Aramex will hold your passport for only 15 days, after which it will be returned to the U.S. Embassy.

Do not come to your selected Aramex location before you have been informed by our services that your passport is ready for pick up. You can only pick up your passport at the location you have selected.

Pickup hours are:
08:30 to 22:00 Sat. to Thurs.
12:30 to 22:00 Friday.

Aramex pick up locations:


Office Address

Sun to Thu



Main Office

Al-Ali building, Wholesale Market Street, Ain Khaled, opposite to Regency Traffic Ligh

08:00 - 22:00

08:00 - 22:00

12:30 to 22:00


Check the Status of Your Visa

You can check the status of your application any time at this website: Please wait at least three business days following your visa interview to check on the status of your application. Application barcodes appearing on this website means the application is complete and we are ready to receive the passport to process the visa. Passport drop off times are only from Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 to 10:00 am. Application barcodes not appearing on this website means the application is not finished and still requires time to complete.

This website is updated every business day when we receive information.

Passport Tracking Options

For your convenience, you have several options to choose from to track the location of your passport.

Instant: Enter your passport number below to check on the status.

If your status shows "origination scan", it means your passport has left the U.S. Embassy and is in transit to the delivery location you have chosen. It is however not available yet.

Only when the status shows "ready for pick up", it means you can go to the Aramex location you have chosen to pick up your passport.

Please do not go to your delivery location if your status does not show "ready for pick up" as it means your passport has not reached its final destination for pick up.

The U.S. Embassy cannot help you regarding the status of your passport delivery. Please do not contact the U.S. Embassy regarding the status of your passport delivery.

Email: Send an e-mail to and in the subject and/or body enter a valid passport number exactly as it was entered at the time the appointment was scheduled. Do not include any additional text. You will receive an automatic response with the status.

Online: You can track your passport online here.

Expedited Pick-up Location

Aramex has identified a location where you can pick up the passport on the same day as we receive it from the U.S. Embassy. Should you have an emergency case or need to pick up your passport early, please select the Aramex office listed as the Same day collection service available as your pick-up location. Please note that by selecting this location, you are not applying for expedited visa processing; if you need information on expedited visa processing, please see this page. Your passport will be available for collection once the visa is processed and the U.S. Embassy has handed it over to Aramex for delivery.

Required Documents for Passport Retrieval

To collect your passport you must present your original (not a photocopy) government-issued photo ID. We recommend you also bring a printed copy of your appointment letter.

If a representative is collecting your passport from the document collection office on your behalf, even in case of family members, the representative must present:

  • Their own original government-issued photo ID for identification;
  • A photocopy of your government-issued photo ID; and,
  • A letter of authority  signed by you, authorizing your representative to collect your passport.
    Note: In case of a group/family, a single letter of authority with the required information for each of the applicants will be accepted.

If the applicant is under the age of 16, the following documents are required:

  • An original, signed letter of authority from either of the applicant's parents;
  • A clear photocopy of the government-issued photo ID belonging to the parent who signed the applicant's letter of authority; and,
  • A government issued photo ID for the child (i.e. the birth certificate).
  • The representative's original government-issued photo ID.

Note: School groups can designate one person to collect multiple passports for students and teachers from their institution traveling together. The person picking up the passports must have a signed letter from the school that officially authorizes this person to retrieve the passports on behalf of the group and lists the names of all the group members as they appear in their passports.