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Belarusian Applicants

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Visa Renewal

The Embassy of the United States in Minsk is pleased to announce an expansion of visa services. Starting June 1, the Embassy will accept applications to renew current visas and those that have expired less than 3 years and 10 months ago (on the day of your application to the embassy). In some cases, applicants will not even have to appear at the embassy for an interview. This will apply to those who visa expiration date is less than 3 years and 10 months ago, whose fingerprints we have in our system, and who are applying for the same type of visa. For more details on the renewal definition and application procedure, please visit The Embassy of the United States in Minsk website.

Scheduling a Visa Interview Appointment

Belarusian visa applicants may schedule an interview at U.S. Embassy Warsaw or U.S Consulate General Krakow. Applicants can schedule interview online or by contacting the call center.

The Consular Section generally requires two business days to process a visa once it has been approved. During this time, the applicant's passport must remain at the Consular Section. Belarusian applicants should consider this when scheduling an interview. An appointment scheduled on a Thursday or Friday may require that a successful applicant remain in Poland over the weekend until the passport and visa can be returned to the TNT pick-up location early the following week.

Belarusian visa applicants should check Holidays and Closures prior to scheduling an appointment.

Payment of the Visa Application (MRV) Fee

Currently there are no banks in Belarus authorized to collect the visa application (MRV) fee on behalf of the U.S. Embassy. In order to make a visa interview appointment, applicants must first pay the MRV following instructions on this webpage. A third party may make the payment, however the payment must be in the applicant’s name.

Other Fees

See information about other fees.

Visa Processing Times and Passport Return

Nonimmigrant visa applicants from countries that need visas to enter Poland should contact Polish consular posts in their home countries at their earliest convenience and inquire about current procedures and timeframes for processing applications for Polish visas. Please also be aware that technical and procedural concerns may require a stay longer than the normal two days in Poland to complete processing of the case. Applicants should plan accordingly when applying for a Polish visa.

If a visa application is approved, the applicant’s passport with a visa will be delivered to the TNT Express pick-up location the applicant chose when the applicant scheduled the interview appointment.

Please check two branch locations (in Warsaw and Krakow respectively) where applicants can pick up their passport on the same day as TNT receives it from the Embassy (it usually takes two working days). Should an applicant have an emergency case or need to pick up the passport early, please select one of the TNT Express offices as the pickup location.

IMPORTANT: Please see which documents are required to pick up passports from TNT location.

If you would like to choose Home Delivery option you to have to provide address in Poland and also Polish phone number for contact. Our couriers speaks only in Polish language.

Change Delivery Options

Applicants may change their preferred document pick-up location online or through the call center until 11:59 p.m. or through the call center until 8:00 p.m. the day of the interview appointment. There is no cost to change the pick-up location.. There is no cost to change the pick-up location.