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The Consular Section in Suva conducts quarterly visits to Tonga in order to carry out consular services, including non-immigrant visas for applicants who meet certain criteria. Please visit the Embassy website for Tonga at for updates on upcoming consular visits to Tonga.


The LNIV program allows select applicants to apply for visa interviews in Nuku’alofa, Tonga.  All applicants interested in participating must meet the requirements listed below:

      • You must not have immediate international travel plans.  Given the distances and processing time, passports may not be readily available for international travel within approximately 3 weeks from the interview date.
      • You must be seeking a visa in one of the following categories:
        • Student (F or M – Must have I-20A or I-20B and paid SEVIS fee)
        •  Exchange visitor (J – Must have DS-2019 and paid SEVIS fee)
        • Seaman or Airline Crewmember (C-1/D – Must have agency letter)
        • Religious worker (R – Must have approved petition)
        • A Temporary Visitor for Business or Pleasure (B1, B2 and/or B1/B2) – only if you have previously held a visa in the same category.
      • You must not have been refused a U.S. visa before, removed from the U.S., denied entry into the United States at a Port of Entry, or overstayed in the United States.

If you meet the aforementioned criteria and want to be considered for an interview in Nuku’alofa, please click here to proceed to schedule an appointment at Nuku’alofa.  If you do not qualify for an interview at Nuku’alofa, please proceed to schedule an appointment in Suva.

For information on how to apply for a U.S. visa, please click here.