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All immigrant and K visa categories require an interview appointment. When an immigrant visa petition is approved and the applicant’s case is ready to be scheduled for an interview, beneficiaries will be contacted by the U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou with further instructions on how to schedule an appointment. If the Consulate has not notified you that your case is ready to be scheduled, you will not be able to access this function through CGI Stanley. To schedule an appointment for immigrant visas including the following categories, please visit this page.

  • IR/CR/IW, K-1, and K-3 visas
  • Family (F) and Employment (E) visas
  • Second Interview for Returning Resident (SB-1)

Applicants who have previously registered for a non-immigrant visa or prior immigrant visa application should ensure that their contact information and document pick-up location are up-to-date.  Failure to register or update your contact information and document pick-up location prior to your visa interview will result in significant delays in processing your paperwork and/or visa.  If you encounter problems during the registration process, please contact